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Tuesday, 01 Dec 2015

Good People Must Step In

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Starting New Ventures for a Current Business.For far too long, decent, skilled and honest people have stayed away from public service. The fear has always been the possibility of getting stained by dirty waters of politics. The result is that unqualified people and those without vision have been allowed to lead underservingly, causing arrested development.

The call for change in Nigeria today is the beginning wisdom for the Nigerian people.It is time for credible candidates to take the place of corrupt politicians and harness our God-given resources for the benefit of our suffering masses.  From the West to the East, and from the South to the North, the wind of transformational change that must sweep through the Federal Republic of Nigeria is gathering momentum and looming in the horizon. 

The time for fundamental and transformational change in Nigeria is now, and there is an urgent need for all social progressives of our time to work together for the common good of the nation.  To my good people of the Remo Federal Constituency, my pledge to you is to be your powerful voice of reason for the whole of Remo in particular, and for Nigeria in general, on behalf of Remo. 

So, the people of Remo can be rest assured they can count on their own Henry Ayoola Abimbola, to never hesitate to always fight for the best economic, social, and political interests.