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Wednesday, 25 Nov 2015


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Many do not realize or appreciate that public service is all about honor, courage, and commitment.I learned these unique citizens’ qualities first-hand in my naval training and career assignments within Units of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps.  In my mind’s eyes, my personal experience and exposure to the virtues of U.S. military training, discipline, ethics, and leadership are great assets that I can bring to bear in the needed restoration of public confidence of Nigerians back in the political, social and economic atmosphere.

The single most important social challenge facing the Nigerian nation today is undoubtedly without question, the issue of corruption and moral bankruptcy that have become intertwined with our national identity as a people.  These social problems are deeply rooted in the Nigerian society, and without the right leadership at the national level to begin to reverse the course of these unfortunate events in Nigeria, the nation could inevitably become a failed State, and God forbid that Nigeria becomes a failed State.

It’s my passion for transformational change, public accountability and probity that fuels my desire for credible public service, where integrity, public trust, knowledge, vision, sense of nationhood and pride in one’s country, are the only ingredients that matter.  Public service is arguably the highest of human calling, and I certainly consider it an honorable endeavor to embark upon.  I believe with all of my heart that there’s no greater calling than for one to be asked to serve the good interests of their fellow citizens in the government of their beloved country.  This is the reason why I want to serve my people and their social, political and economic interests at the Nigeria Federal House of Representatives.