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Monday, 30 Nov 2015

My Political Journey To UPN

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As an Awoist and social progressive to the core in the mold of my political hero, the Sage of Nigerian politics, the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the very interesting and comprehensive manifesto of the current Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), which is based entirely upon the defunct UPN’s famous Four Cardinal Programs of the late 1970s – early 1980s, I was naturally drawn to this great party, the new Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) primarily because I believed so much in continuing the legacy and actualization for my country, Nigeria, the real social progressive political dreams of the late Sage.

If you take some time to review the following information about the new UPN, and if you knew what enormous social and political progress the old UPN was, then I’m confident that you’ll understand and agree with me that I embraced a political party which has the sorts of social programs that my heart desires for our Federal Republic of Nigeria.  So, the following party information is brought to you courtesy and copyright of the new Unity Party of Nigeria. Welcome to reading about the new UPN here at

Obafemi Awolowo

About UPN
Motto: People First

The Unity Party of Nigeria believes in the indivisibility and indissolubility of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and will therefore work firmly and solemnly to uphold the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended. The Party shall at all times be committed to Justice, Peace, Progress and Security of the nation and its people.

Egalitarianism shall be the watchword of the Party with the aim of ensuring equality of good fortune to all Nigerian Citizens Name: 1.) The name of the Party (“hereinafter called the Party”) shall be UNITY PARTY OF NIGERIA, abbreviated as; UPN. 2.) The ideology of the Party shall be Egalitarianism; 3.) The motto of the Party shall be People First; 4.) The slogan of the Party shall be UPN – UP NIGERIA; 5.) The flag of the Party shall be Black, Green and Red; 6.) The Logo of the Party shall be a Sun with rays and a red dot at the center with a green background inside the map of Nigeria.

Nigeria has been in prolonged crises since independence in 1960, and the country has survived one major civil war and many others civil challenges that have been continuously moving from bad to worse, and worse still. The current situation has continued to create the impression that the leadership of the Nigerian nation in all aspects of life lacks the sincerity or capacity to change the situation and help the Nigeria people out of this shameful quagmire.
The Nigeria people are completely disillusioned about their lives and the nation as they continue to struggle vainly to make sense out of their lives. Frustration and desperation have now become the lot of our people from all around the country and both the high and the low are going through untold hardships that were hitherto considered impossible in our dear nation.

Nigeria has now been turned into a banana republic by her collective leadership, and successive administrations whereby the interest and welfare of the people no longer matter. Therefore, if something is not done urgently, the country may degenerate into a failed state where the entire people will be faced with chaos, anarchy and possible disintegration.


In view of the above, it is the convicted and committed efforts of the Nigerian people to save the country from the sad and gory fate, and put her back on the road to visible and sustainable recovery, that have inspired the resuscitation and formation of the Unity Party of Nigeria with; the sole purpose and plan to make the entire Nigerian people the focus and center of governance and of every other human, social and communal activity in whatever form.

The agenda of the Unity Party of Nigeria consequently, is based on the inviolable and irresoluble principles and policies that are founded on the collective interest of the Nigerian people.
This is the only inspiration and passion that can steer the ship of the Nigerian state away from destruction and back on to the path of sustainable national peace, prosperity and progress. Welfare democracy is the only concept that can put Nigeria back on the track of sanity, safety and stability. The UPN therefore, is irrevocably committed to the sanctity of the welfare Philosophy and it is from this that our entire manifesto is derived.

This is our solemn pledge and obligation to the Nigeria People. So help us God.

The Four Cardinal Programs
The UPN Manifesto is focused around these four cardinal programs:
1. Free education beginning from nursery school to first degree at tertiary level
2. Free health services
3. Full and sustainable employment
4. Integrated rural and urban industrial development



Across the country today, the whole of our people are underfed, and the entire population is on the verge of starvation. The very depressing reality of Nigeria’s woeful nutritional situation is that the country has an unrivalled capacity to grow and produce the foods needed by the population and much more.

Suddenly without notice, the groundnut pyramids of the north evaporated, the oil palm infestation of the east disappeared, the cocoa rush of the west became a trickle and the timbers spread across the country unbelievably are no longer clothing and beautifying the landscape of the nation. Food crops are equally no more available as they used to be and the sector that once fed and sustained the country is now abandoned and is regrettably unexplored and sadly unharnessed. This is no longer acceptable.

The Unity Party of Nigeria has therefore proposed to build the future and economy of the nation on the renewable sector of agriculture so that every other economic activity can be driven by this productive reactivation and regeneration.

Some of the actions to be taken on agriculture by the UPN whenever we assume power in the soonest time possible by the grace of God under the Agriculture Revitalization Program would include:
1. Declaration of state of emergency on agriculture.
2. Operational involvement of all individual, cooperate, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.
3. Initiation and encouragement of massive private sector participation.
4. Origination and conception of creative inspiration by relevant stakeholders.
5. Inauguration of operational task group on agriculture.
6. Facilitation of integrated ownership scheme.
7. Development of economy of scale processes.
8. Origination of Agricultural Development Architecture.
Focus of agricultural development shall include:
1. Introduction of all-seasons land cultivation.
2. Water cultivation.
3. Agricultural business Units.
4. Agricultural Cooperative and Micro Finance Scheme.
5. Trans-Border Initiatives.
6. Regular Agricultural Roundtable for review and facilitation of the agricultural sector.

Special attention will be paid to the danger of the encroaching Sahara desert. Adequate re-forestation schemes will be introduced as a matter of urgency to stem the invasion of sand upon our territory.
Down South, the menace of soil erosion will be halted through planned flood-fighting measures, as also by the application of methodical forestation techniques.

Our water resources will be optimally harnessed throughout the country so that the soil of our beloved fatherland may produce plentiful food for all. This is because the UPN believes that the promise to end hunger permanently must of necessity imply that there has to be sufficient food for the masses to eat today and plenty more left for tomorrow. This we promise to do nationally if voted into power at the federal level.

Finally, the UPN wishes to declare in all solemnity that we regard agriculture as the indispensable foundation upon which all development should and would be built in Nigeria. Without a comprehensive, implementable and sustainable re-vitalization of the agriculture sector, all other development schemes including petroleum, mining, will yield no lasting benefit to man.

This is the sole reason the Unity Party of Nigeria is making the subject of agriculture the bedrock of its integrated socio-community development agenda.


The state of health in the country is at its worst ever, and leadership at all levels of all government is not appreciative of the fact of old saying that “health is wealth.” This is due to the fact that all the personnel, programs, policies and practices have not been adequately deployed to provide good health services to our people.
Indeed, most the nation’s health schemes and facilities have been derelict, and there is no functional and accessible health and medical care to take care of the medical need of the people.

The UPN government at any level upon assumption of control of state power shall not take the individual well-being, health and lives of our people for granted. We shall do everything possible to stop the situation where fellow Nigerians undergo medical deprivation and suffering because they cannot get appropriate treatment for the ailment and health condition they are going through due to lack of funds required.

Therefore, the UPN led government at any level shall immediately embark on comprehensive health insurance schemes to cater for the health needs of our people. Health care will no longer be for the rich alone and the Nigerian people will not die cheaply from minor sicknesses like chickens and fowls.

The UPN government shall embark on the following specific actions:

1. Make qualitative health services available to the generality of our people through Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme, and those who cannot meet up their obligation shall become the responsibility of government until they can take up the responsibility if ever. Those in this category include the children, the elderly, the unemployed, and physically and mentally challenged.
2. Attention shall be given to all areas of medical service including primary health delivery covering personal, community, environmental and sanitary health. This shall be coordinated in each local government area by functional general hospital located within the area.
3. There shall also be one state-of-the-art hospital having facilities for specialist training and research services in each state.
4. Major comprehensive medical facilities shall also be built across the country to be evenly distributed so as to make it almost completely unnecessary for leaders to continue to jet out of the country for medical treatment while they leave the citizenry to the gory and sad fate of inadequate health service.
5. Private hospital shall be encouraged and incentivized to augment and complement the efforts of government at all areas of operation.
6. Medical personnel shall be fully catered for as their interest including training, certification, remuneration and other conditions of service shall be well reviewed and improved upon to encourage and dissuade medical brain drain as have always been the case till now.
7. Composite effort shall be made to bring together, standardize and harness the wonderful efforts of our traditional medical practitioners who have been meeting the needs of our people well before now.
8. The practice shall be critically and deliberately looked into with the aim of modernizing and standardizing the practice for local and international use like their foreign contemporaries do.
9. For the purpose of equity and availability of medical services, no state or local government shall have more than the recommended number of medical facility unless all other states and Local Government Areas within the control of the party have been adequately taken care of.
10. In October 1979, the five states [Bendel (now Edo and Delta), Lagos, Ogun, Oyo (now Oyo and Osun) and Ondo (now Ondo and Ekiti)] controlled by the old UPN began the implementation of the free health care scheme which constituted one of the four cardinal programs of the party at that time. The curative and preventive medical needs of the people were taken care of free of all charges. If it could happen then, it must happen now.

At that same time, pre-natal attention was given free to all women. Child delivery attracted no charges. Surgical operation, accident and emergencies cases and all diagnosis and prescription were made available to all citizens as free services. In Lagos State in particular, (which was one of the states the UPN controlled), a bold scheme was started whereby patients on admission in state hospitals were provided with three meals a day, all free of charge.

If we win control of federal government, the new UPN will resuscitate the free health care program in all parts of the country and functional and comprehensive health insurance scheme shall be closely considered.
The old UPN under the leadership of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo achieved this phenomenal feat in five states. We can confidently extend the scheme nation-wide or in all states under the control of the new Unity Party of Nigeria.

The UPN will also build one specialist hospital in every local government throughout the states of the federation. The training of Doctors and other medical personnel will be intensified so as to ensure that a high level health status and medical well-being is maintained throughout the country.

Moreover, doctors will be encouraged to undertake specialization programs and refresher courses that will put them on the same standing with their colleagues around the globe. Exchange programs will also be arranged in other to foster a regular inter change of professional and research experiences at international levels. This in turn will discourage the practice by some Nigerians to seek medical treatment abroad.


Education has assumed its worst element in the history of Nigeria since independence and there is no need to continue to flog a dead horse by itemizing the disappointments and shortcomings that are very obvious throughout the entire Nigerian life today in the area of education. It is therefore sufficient to go straight to the solutions which are meant to correct these anomalies following:

A) Nursery: Efforts shall be made to make quality nursery education free and available to our people across the country in preparation towards entry into primary schools.

B) Primary: Universal free primary education will be continued and consolidated. (Distribution of free pencils, pens, uniforms, books etc., would be considered). In addition to making the pupils literate, education at the primary level will be made more relevant to our social situation. The primary school curriculum will be revised to include studies that will make pupils appreciate the importance of agriculture and good behavioral ethics in modern developments.The physical environment of all our primary schools will be upgraded so as to make them conducive to learning and to the inculcation of appropriate social and cultural values in the young.

C) Secondary: The Unity Party of Nigeria shall make secondary school education free for all children who have completed the primary level in all UPN controlled states. Sports and Civic activities shall also be encouraged in our schools.

D) Vocational: UPN controlled state governments shall embark on a program of free vocational education as a means of harnessing the special talents of children who may wish to concentrate on these special fields early enough so that specialization could be encouraged.

E) Post-secondary: In all the UPN controlled states, post-secondary education shall also be tuition free for all citizens in fulfillment of our conviction that education at least to the level first degree at tertiary level is an indispensable right of every citizen.Technical colleges, polytechnics, colleges of education and state universities shall be established on an absolutely affordable and sponsored bases. In addition, bursaries would be considered for the indigent indigenes of the state concerned in order to assist in meeting some of their incidental expenses.All post-secondary institutions, including universities, will be provided with adequate funds and facilities for teaching and research, particularly in science and technology.

Science laboratory will be a compulsory feature of all secondary and post-secondary institutions under all UPN controlled governments. In addition, all post-secondary institutions will be required and oriented to provide service to their relevant communities particularly with regards to agricultural needs as well as in the area of adult education which is considered as crucial as other types of educational programs.F) Teaching service: The UPN recognizes that teachers are the pillars upon which the educational system rests.

The party therefore believes that it is in the overall national interest that teachers should be made to feel happy at their job.Accordingly, every UPN government will ensure the payment of the appropriate and worthwhile salaries and emoluments of all teachers throughout its jurisdiction. To achieve this critical objective, the UPN plans to make adequate grants and funds available for this specific purpose.The practice of keeping teachers in schools when the pupils are away on holidays is obsolete and should be discouraged.

Under UPN governments, teachers will also go on holiday at the same time as their students. This system will make for healthy uniformity in the leisure and study/teaching period of both the teachers and the children under their charge.All loans and grant-in-aids given for purpose of scholarship and academy shall be written off by UPN governments.Furthermore, the Unity Party of Nigeria is very much aware of the current decay in the educational, skill and technology sector in the country at all levels. The decay is now evident in the results of WAEC/NECO students, as well as in poor quality of work done by artisans and technicians on a daily basis.

Many of our school leavers are unable to meet the standards of the modern workplace because of inefficient training in a failing education system. It is increasingly becoming difficult and near impossible to expect that private schools that are springing up across the country today can solely provide adequate knowledge and skill needed for national transformation and development. UPN governments will intensify efforts therefore to give private schools a run for their money by increasing the standard of education at all levels.Over 60% of Nigeria’s population is under 35 years of age. This demographic situation requires the attention of all tiers of government to develop and increase the capacities of these young Nigerians by equipping them with the knowledge and skill they need to empower themselves and to contribute purposefully and productively to the development of the country.

In the education, skill and technology sector, we will set up new priorities accordingly by:

• Modernizing and upgrading the public school system

• Make quality public school education available to every citizen

• Provide lifelong learning and welfare opportunities to serving teachers

• Increase access of school and university students to modern learning resources

• Establish national programs in academic quality assurance in public and private primary and secondary schools through efficient education inspectorate scheme to be staffed by professionals and retired teachers

• Fund public universities at the level that meets international standards to enable them provide teaching and research that can fuel rapid national development and transformation.

• Provide special incentives for applied research in universities to generate local solutions to developmental problems and challenges

• Provide funds for collaborative research between Nigerian and overseas universities

• Encourage states and local governments to establish skill development schemes that can provide appropriate modern workforce for the country’s formal and informal sectors.


Today, the dangerous problem of insecurity and social instability in the country has assumed a frightening dimension. The Nigeria Police, other security agencies and the entire citizens in general, who have become improvised security officers, appear to be doing their best albeit insufficiently to curb this full-blown nuisance of intimidating insecurity. Regrettably, governments at all levels seem to have lost the capacity to manage the menace of lack of security for persons and property across the country.The society is getting increasingly besieged by all kinds of criminals both high and low, who are never tired of exploiting the culture of impunity foisted on the nation by irresponsive and irresponsible political managers.

Drugs peddling, financial frauds, assassinations, ritual killings, cult activities, banditry, kidnapping, crude oil bunkering, embezzling, hooliganism, prostitution, impersonations and other social vices are on the increase daily with renewed vigor, and the real fear is that the rise in criminality and the apparent helplessness of current leadership in governments portend a speedy descent of the country into anarchy, and a threatening complete breakdown of law and order.Certainly, it has become extremely urgent and very important that all concerned and well-meaning individuals and organizations as joint stakeholders in the development of the society must rise up to support the Unity Party of Nigeria so that the party can immediately, proactively, creatively and productively facilitate the enthronement of a safer and more stable nation through its ingenuous and ingenious security management plans.

The UPN is clearly aware that development is the foundation of the collective aspiration of every nation and security is the ground of progress without which the foundation cannot be built. We are determined to enhance the speedy realization of this crucial objective by devising strategic ideas and insights to critically and ingeniously address the problem of insecurity in an integrated way to improve and sustain the stability of the society in the following areas of security operations.Personal Security: This area has to do with the safety and security of the life, well-being, and tangible and/or intangible properties of an individual.Organizational Security: This has to do with safety and security of tangible and intangible properties of an organization, a corporation or any establishment whatsoever including the lives and well-being of all relevant stakeholders who are affected by the operations of the organization in question, and this covers the internal, medial and external publics.

Socio-communal Security: This is about the welfare, safety and security of lives and properties within a given community including social and infrastructural services which ensure social stability and the effective prevention and curtailment of ethnic conflicts.

National Security: This simply has to do with the maintenance and assurance of peace and stability within a nation, the protection of the nation’s territorial integrity from internal insurgencies and external aggressions, and the defense of the freedom of the nation’s sovereignty from any political, economic or military intervention or interference.Global Security: Global security must be the interest of any responsible government the world over because crisis and conflicts have ways of growing beyond their borders if they are not nipped in the bud. It is therefore the intention of our party to effectively contribute to the movement and initiatives to make the world safe haven for every woman, man and child as much as possible. If adopted by all the nations of the world, this is the policy that can ensure universal stability, equilibrium and prosperity. Without this involvement, Nigeria cannot assume her proper place in the committee of respectable nations.These security realizations also have some operational dimensions that would guide our efforts to transform the security situation in the country as outlined.

1. Security as an enforcement issue: The party shall take compassionate care of the law enforcers and give them similar or even better treatment than their contemporaries are getting in developed countries.

2. Security as a political issue: We shall summon the courage required to redress insecurity in the country rather than profit from it like in the current situation.

3. Security as an academic issue: Researches at formal and informal level (schools and institutes) shall be encouraged to give answers to the challenges facing security management in the country.

4. Security as a social issue: Social nets, social structures and infrastructures shall be created in the form of plans, programs and policies that will take care of the people and discourage them from going into crime to survive.

5. Security as a religious issue: Religious fundamentalism and their various social implications shall be critically reviewed and proper efforts made to address them

6. Security as an international issue: UPN is conscious of growing international terrorism, cross border threats, border disputes and interstate conflicts etc. It would be the concern of the party to ensure adequate and water tight security within her own borders while contributing to the maintenance of the interdependence equilibrium of nations of the world.

7. Security as a legal issue: Justice Administration and arbitration shall be henceforth given all required support to expedite court processes, equity, integrity and impartiality so as to make the justice system in the country part of the solution to security management instead of remaining part of the problem.

8. Security as economic issue: Economic activation of the society and the empowerment of the people is sine qua non to safe and stable societies. It is the situation of extreme and excruciating poverty that is prevalent and pervasive in the country that has further fuelled and fast-tracked the occurrence of personal, organizational, communal and national insecurity in the country. On assuming office at any level, the UPN shall make macro-economic activity the basis of generating micro economic prosperity as a sure way of guaranteeing socio-economic stability. Rather than continue with the futile, mindless and un-abating militarization of the Nigerian society, the UPN shall come up with creative solutions to ameliorate the security problems that are confronting our people.

9. Security as an information issue: Security education, information and communication within and between different publics and stakeholders in the country shall be embarked upon to redress the insecurity in the nation.

10. Security as a media issue: Conscious efforts shall be made by the party to integrate the media in the area of effective management of public security information and reportage.

11. Security as logistics issue: The Unity Party of Nigeria is aware of the difficult and indeed hazardous operational situation within which the security agencies work and function. We continue to blame the security personnel for performing below par when various governments in the country persistently refuse to kit and equip them with the necessary tools and gadgets that they need to function. It is a sad testament that Nigerian governments run a 19th century security outfits in a 21st century society. Our party shall therefore make committed efforts to upgrade the facilities and work conditions of the security sector in all relevant areas including Communication, Transportation, Administration, Operation, Cooperation and Protection.

12. Security as development issue: In any society with stagnant or sometimes, worsening development profile, the first casualty is security and the eventual casualty is stability. In this wise therefore, the UPN shall expedite and accelerate its sustainable integrated development schemes across the nation as a viable and highly potential development bloc.

13. Security as a cultural issue: Because of overwhelming and suffocating poverty, Nigerians have completely disconnected from their cultural ethics and expectations, and have lost the moral virtues and values that guide and guide individual conducts and social behaviors. Conscious efforts shall be made to inculcate, engrave on the heart of the entire citizenry and to bring back to life our past lofty and glowing social mores and morals at home, in school and at work so that the glory of the nation that has taken to flight can be recovered.

14. Security as a national emergency issue: It is no longer acceptable both to the UPN and the entire people of Nigeria that the lives of our people are constantly put in danger through incessant communal hostilities that have wasted a lot of lives across the country. Our party shall put necessary machinery in place to ensure the absolute, or in the least the immediate reduction to the minimum the occurrence and conditions that are firing and fostering mutual communal hostilities.

15. Security as a natural emergency issue: Utmost and non-negotiable premium shall be placed on the lives of our people putting plans and programs in place in anticipation of social and natural emergencies like fire, flood, famine, etc.Security Addendum

The way forward is for all concerned, compassionate and committed Nigerians to, in support of the Unity Party of Nigeria, rise up to the dire challenge of the security situation in the country. The UPN shall devise ways that all the dimensions of security management could be systematically and strategically interlinked and brought together in relation to the areas of security operations to resolve the security threats and the attendant social volatility currently prevalent in the country.

UPN is committed to responding creatively to the failure of security in the land. We will support strengthening the states and local governments to provide community policing for their jurisdictions while also strengthening the country’s Federal Security Institutions. More specifically, the UPN shall do the following:• Establish a National Security Commission with members drawn for all states to coordinate the nation’s security.

• Convert existing Federal Road Safety Commission to Federal Transport Police (FTP) with full empowerment to protect life and property on the roads, rail-lines, waterways and airports as this has become a specialized subsector worldwide. This will free the Nigeria Police to focus the very serious areas of personal, organizational and communal safety and security of lives and properties.

• Organize regular stakeholders’ summit on security of life and property to include federal, state, and local government leaders, trade unions, and professionals and captains of industry and the business community to make recommendations on needed reforms in the nation’s security sector.

• Strive to implement the United Nations recommendation of 1 police to 400 citizens.• Introduce minimum of OND to qualify for entry into the police force• Ensure that police trainings meet international standard

• Complete overhaul of the prison system to restore the original purpose of the correctional systems.


FULL Employment and Social Security is another cardinal program of the Unity Party of Nigeria.In other to achieve progress in the social welfare and security of Nigerians, adequate support programs must be put in place to support the unemployed graduates, the elderly, the children, both physically and mentally challenged persons.The UPN state governments shall make spectacular achievements in the area of employment through the areas of industries, road works, irrigation, public services, local governments, parastatals, social and educational institutions among other activities – these efforts if well managed, can surely go a long way in providing gainful employment for employment-ready Nigerians.In addition, every UPN government will apply its much greater financial capability in such a manner as to achieve, for a start a much reduced level of unemployment in the country.

Deliberate opportunities will be created for the employment of school leavers particularly university graduates and others with technical and technological qualifications.A situation where qualified school leavers have to roam around offices and factories in a vain as they do today in search of jobs that are not just available is most intolerable. This situation has the likelihood of constituting a potential threat to national security.To stem the growing tide of unemployment rate that is now over 50% among the general population and much worse among the youths, the party is poised to embark on the following initiatives in pursuance of the full employment agenda:

• Change School Curriculum to include training modules in business and entrepreneurship

• Provide special incentives for youths to participate in agricultural settlement scheme through credit facility and land allocation.• Establish agricultural extension to each local government

• Provide special funding for organic and green farming through application of relevant technology.

• Come up with creative, productive and sustainable plans, policies and projects that can import commercialization and social enterprise into all the sectors and sub-sectors of the economy for the purpose of dynamically driving the human resource endowment of the nation.It is particularly important to note that agriculture provides employment for about 70% of the population in Nigeria and it is a major source of industrial development and economic prosperity. It is a generally accepted position that agriculture is not only meant to be the spine or pillar of the economies in Africa, it is also reckoned to be a major source of employment generation including its multiplier effect on the socio-economy. Nigeria, regrettably, is not deploying this opportunity to ensure employment security for its citizens.The global attention that the agricultural sector commands in recent times, particularly with the recent world food scarcity threat, underscores the importance of self-sustenance in respect of food security.

There is need for special intervention in the agricultural sector so that it can become a veritable source of sustainable employment generation. The reason for this special effort is to create opportunity for the teeming army of unemployed youths in the country to be engaged productively.A strong and efficient agricultural sector has the potential to enable a country feed its growing population, generate employment, earn foreign exchange and provide raw materials for industries. The vibrancy of the sector has a multiplier effect on every nation’s socio-economic and industrial drive, because of its multifunctional nature and multi-dimensional processes and effects.


Electricity sub-sector: As a major oil producing country of the world, Nigeria should feel ashamed for failing to avail to the citizens adequate electricity supply. In fact, power failures have been one of the major causes of the present economic recession affecting the nation.Because electricity power supply is unreliable, erratic, and largely unavailable, industries cannot operate effectively and profitably. Consequently, workers are retrenched as businesses and factories downsize, rationalize or close down.Furthermore, these constant blackouts have had the effect of militating against efficient performance in private and public offices as millions of executive man-hours and billions of naira, are wasted due to power outages. This avoidable and colossal national loss which has become a protracted shame to all right thinking Nigerians is as a result of inexcusable dereliction of duty on the part of various successive governments.The UPN on assuming power at any point, particularly the center will immediately take prompt measures to eliminate power failure throughout the country.

In addition to improving the efficiency of power supply from Kanji-Dam and building the SHIRORO and other DAMS, the renewed efforts will be made to use other sources of generating electric power like gas, diesel, coal, solar, wind, waste, biofuel among other modern sources.The UPN shall build first in every region a power station and infrastructures that are capable of generating and supplying electricity to every state and community within it using the hydro-power plants that would be supported and augmented by other sources in the short run or the long run depending on efficacy and cost advantage.Furthermore, a UPN led federal government will actively assist state administrations in their complimentary schemes of rural electrification so as not to leave out any community across the country from enjoying cheap and available power supply.For greater efficiency, the power management structure of Nigeria would be decentralized to give way capacity building and professionalism by creating different organizations that will handle different policies and projects like power generation, distribution, marketing, policy management etc., with affiliated quasi autonomous regional and district based offices.

Gas, which the government and stakeholders have been wasting across several decades in the past through the dangerous process of flaring shall be immediately be stopped. A crack technical team shall be put together with power and empowerment to look into how this resource could be optimally explored first to the benefit of our people before it is considered for export.Overall, the party shall ensure the downward review of electricity bills by vigorously pursuing the smooth and transparent completion of the privatization of generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in the country, thus encouraging investors to openly and honestly participate in power management and embark on multiple sources of providing energy for our people which may not leave out the nuclear option after serious consideration of the desirability and safety implications.

The Downstream Sub-sector: The treacherous politicking of the downstream sub-sector of the petroleum industry shall become a thing of the past as the UPN government on assumption of office shall overhaul the sector to further empower the managers of this industry rather than witch-hunt them so as to make them productive and responsive to the expectations and yearnings of our over-labored people.It is the complacence and complicity of the political leadership across all sectors of Nigeria’s national life that have rendered the nation entirely redundant and comatose.

In the face of acute and accurate leadership, Nigeria will be up and doing. Consequently, efforts would be made to fully resuscitate, reactivate and upgrade all the four refineries that are presently at best working below installed capacity and are at other times at worst out of service.In the event where these facilities are hopelessly derelict, and are unserviceable, new ones shall be proposed, planned and built with the uncompromising purpose of stopping forthwith the importation of refined petroleum products into the country. Interested and capable Nigerians shall be encouraged and given all necessary support to look inward and solve the problem of fuel scarcity charade and petroleum subsidy scam once and for all by producing locally what are being imported at exorbitant cost to both the people and the nation.

The Unity Party of Nigeria shall put a final stop to the incessant strikes, protests, confrontations between the government and the people which have often led to the total shutdown of the nation and the economy several times over the last three decades leading to the loss of trillions of naira and valuable irrecoverable lives of many Nigerians. The UPN will permanently make this a thing of the past.


ince independence, there have been different rolling plans put in place by successive governments which are purportedly aimed at ensuring socio-economic stability through macro-economic activity which is meant to generate micro-economic prosperity, or so the development experts must have believed. But events over time since Nigeria secured her independence from the colonizers have put a very big lie to this as both the Nigeria people and the Nigerian nation have continued to suffer from aggravated penury and unrelieved impoverishment.Experience has taught Nigerians in a very harsh way that all the development blueprints that have been used to beguile Nigerians were not worth the papers they were printed on just like all the visions conceived to turn potentialities into opportunities have lacked the foresight needed for envisioning. The result therefore is a nation that is crudely locked in the vicious and perilous circle of stagnation and sometimes retrogression which is fuelling the fire of insurgencies and arming the bomb of a revolution. To stop this further slide into the abyss and put back the country on the path of prosperity, the UPN government is poised to deploy innovative and engaging plans and modalities through the socio-economic engineering for the revival of the ailing economy that is in perpetual recession.

1. The first thing that must be done to activate any economy is to put plans in place that will address the immediate needs of the people and bring them back to the side of contentment from the threshold of frustration and hopelessness through socially impacting and life changing projects and programs which must focus on the citizenry and their welfare.2. Necessary and required infrastructures must be put in place to reduce the pressure on the people and enhance their survival level so as to invigorate them to achieve their welfare aspirations and reduce unnecessary distractions in their quest for better life and prosperity.3. Accurate policy administration and appropriate institutional framework must be firmly set in place to facilitate, enhance and accelerate entrepreneurial conditions and investment atmosphere that are required and conducive for friendly business development and sustainable economic growth.4. Efforts must then be made to develop, train and empower all employable persons within the society so that they could generate the ability required to add value to the society by becoming productive assets rather than remain liabilities that would not only continuously take away from the society, but would continue to diminish the prospects and prosperity of the commonwealth.

The Unity Party of Nigeria has already designed a comprehensive master plan that will make the realization of this objective a reality within a global record time that will dwarf the wonders of China or the enchantment of Dubai.In accelerating the growth of Nigeria, the UPN will deploy the use of the government budget to promote economic development and stability through the provision of basic infrastructure like roads, bridges, health, water and sanitation, education, public security and other public utilities. The nature of these goods is such that they cannot be provided efficiently by the private sector partly because of their high cost of production and partly because they are mostly social services.Consequently the government will step in by creating a dynamic, practical and progressive platform for public-private participation and partnership for prosperity which will unleash the limitless potentials private sector capacity.

The UPN will make sure that all the governments under its control in the country is engaged fully in engineering or re-engineering the country’s development process in the direction of prosperity for all Nigerians.The Unity Party of Nigeria cannot claim ignorant of the subsisting scenario where commercial houses and petty traders alike are being haunted by governments’ extortionist tendencies, hunted by needless and sometimes mindless bureaucratic policies, and are generally being hampered by too many laws, bans, restrictions, unfair tariffs, unjust taxation and the punitive with-holding of licenses among other executive derelictions. Besides, certain Government measures have deliberately been directed towards the build-up of a monopoly cadre mainly drawn from a kind of closed-shop feudal class of friends, cronies and hangers-on.The Unity Party of Nigeria pledges to reverse this deplorable and dishonorable trend. Industry: There can be little doubt that virtually all of Nigeria’s efforts directed at industrial development are dependent on external participation and intervention, not just at technical level, but even in the area of management and funding.

The indigenization policy for which Nigerians are supposed to hold controlling equity in big business and industrial establishments has become a farce.The UPN will pursue a fruitful policy of industrialization based in effective indigenization. The party shall collaborate, engage and negotiate with all expatriate interest and other stakeholders to ensure the guarantee of national economic and technical interest.Furthermore, the Nigerian people will be encouraged to set up industries using internal inputs and local raw materials while maintaining the standard that can compare to products from the best places across the world.Indigenous scientists will also be encouraged to set up industries using local inputs and raw materials.

They will further be mobilized to create research centers to look into how best to develop local resources and materials while inventing best manufacturing processes and practices that are possible within the industrial world.In order to build a secure industrial base upon which to rest the construction of heavy and machine tools industries, the Unity Party of Nigeria will encourage and facilitate the speedy completion of all Iron and Steel projects in the country in accordance to a fast-track time-table.In addition, petro-chemical industries, with special emphasis on fertilizers and drug production will be encouraged and established. Efforts will be made, and policies put in place to guarantee favorable climate for foreign investments and fair opportunity created for investors to repatriate their profits without any hitch at the time of disengagement.At the same time, the UPN shall ensure that foreign capital investment is tied to the need for the adequate training of indigenous managerial and technical manpower. This will enable our people to venture into areas of sophisticated industrial processes.The UPN government shall also put a stop to the culture of mono-economy that past governments have been running while other equally viable sectors have been abandoned and are fallowing or wasting away.One of the first acts of this party on assuming the presidency will be to set up machinery for the various diversification of the national economy.

This is with a view to bringing to permanent end the frustrations and deprivations that make poverty and penury the greatest danger to the existence and survival of the masses of our people.We are of the view that the bane of the Third World lies, in the failure of their governance to so structure the economy as to promote political and socio economic stability. The UPN therefore has decided to re-order and modernize the economy by giving immediate and priority attention to feasible and exploitable strategic sectors.Indeed, a UPN Federal Government will immediately set aside adequate fund for a resolute scheme of converting Nigerian villages into modern cooperative scales.Up North, livestock farmers will be adequately financed. Veterinary services will be provided so as to reduce considerably, if not eliminate completely, cattle diseases and other plagues which afflict livestock.Groundnut pyramids, palm oil drums and mounds of cocoa bags will once again become a common feature in the economic equation of the nation.

The Lies of Development Sloganeering: Mega City and Beautification Syndrome is the attest scam in town where the proponents of this theory continue to insist that once the society is beautiful, it will lead to automatic economic prosperity where businesses will thrive and jobs will be available. These governments subsequently embark on grandiose and non-impacting projects like the building of roads where there is no traffic or the heartless tendering of flowers and other ornamental plants while human beings are left to wallow in poverty and penury. Some governments also callously improve on their frivolities by decorating the streets particularly during festive periods installing generators on the streets to power their fetish paraphernalia while many people in the society go through the pangs of hunger.Would roads, stadia and other gigantic structures built in the society mechanically take care of man and their needs or automatically provide jobs for the teeming millions of jobless people in the society? If this was so, why are there human and social crises in Europe, America and emerging Asia nations?

While this schemes may be easy ploys to have access to the treasury of the commonwealth by public office holders, the UPN is promising never to be part of this counterfeit populist charade. Before beautifying the streets, the governments of the UPN would have first taken care of the needs of our people because as the saying goes, “In vain you build the city if you do not first the nation.”Grandiose projects and inconsiderate beautification of the society would not and cannot on their own attract investors if the other more crucial conditions like safety and security, sensible policies, friendly population and basic social amenities are not available. Unlike the leaders currently in governments in Nigeria, foreign investors and even their local counterparts cannot be fooled hence the escalating industrial flightAggressive Security Management: There is also the flimsy assumption that the continued militarization of security management will curd the occurrence of insecurity in the society.

Consequently, governments at various levels rather than look at the causative factors that are remotely and immediately responsible for the growing criminalities in the country always readily throw money at the problem in the mode of increased militarization through the procurement of more arms and ammunitions, inclusion of the personnel from the armed forces in street patrols and maintenance of social security, introduction of harsher punishments for offenders among other peripheral strategies.The overt, conspicuous and inadequate efforts of governments to combat crime by deploying soldiers and security hardware on the streets are direct self-confirmations of the serious level of insecurity in the country with the tendency to discourage investment and social confidence.Uncoordinated development plans: Nigeria has had several development plans since independence. But none has answered to the increasing needs of the people. It is therefore futile to continue to talk of any vision without landmark achievements to point in the way of actual development.

The milestones of development are social security, provision of standard relevant infrastructures and a largely protected citizenry. Without these things in place, the vision will remain daydream and therefore cannot be attained.But the UPN will not engage in any visionless propaganda put together to deceive the unsuspecting Nigerian people. The economy can work and the Unity Party of Nigeria shall make it work.


The marginalization of women and youths in the polity also denies the country of the full benefits of contribution of over 80% of its population. The UPN will give special attention to ensuring through relevant legislation that Nigeria returns to a management system that promotes strong center strong states, and strong local governments and ensure through electoral reforms that only people elected by the citizens occupy executive and legislative positions in the three tiers of government. More specifically, we will do the following:
• Enforce all legislations that support the politics of inclusion that reserves a minimum of 35% of members of executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government for women to fast-track the integration of the female gender into all areas of leadership in the society.
• Support new legislation to reserve at least 15% of offices in executive and legislative branches of government for citizens between 25 and 35 years of age.
• Promote and propagate electioneering education and enlightenment campaigns that would seek to intellectually enrich and empower the Nigerian people.
• Extol and explore the virtue of internal democracy in the nomination of candidates into public offices.


The finance and revenue generation capability of governments and their agencies remains as largely pedestrian and unimaginative as ever. Today, across the country, taxation is mostly punitive and extortionist. The leaders in government are ostensibly lacking in creativity, imagination and compassion, and they are therefore comfortable with imperialist and colonialist agenda of systematic disempowerment of the people to empower their own caprices.
The Unity Party of Nigeria shall review, repel or completely abrogate obnoxious law and enactments that are hostile to the interest of the Nigerian people. Taxation and all other money-making regimes must no longer be oppressive and unbearable for the people. The UPN will come up with innovative ways to generate income for the use of the state. The party shall not take taxes from people to plant flowers and build facilities and embark on projects that do not add any direct benefit to the lives of our people.


The main aim of the Unity Party of Nigeria in seeking the rapid transformation of the Nigerian economy is to improve the economy and social condition of the masses of our people. Rapid economy growth may not bring about the desire economic justice. So, the UPN shall make conscious efforts to translate the vision and passion for social justice into action.
Indeed, the quality of life of the average Nigerian may suffer in a situation of rapid economic change if measures are not taken to protect and TAKE CARE OF THE INTEREST of the masses of the people.
To bring about a fairer and more just society, the gains from economic development will be used to improve the quality of our social services and ensure for the masses of our people access to free education at all levels, free health care, better housing, technological industrialization, adequate transportation etc. as inbuilt mechanisms for the integrated community development processes.


Telecommunication: The UPN, on coming to power at the center, will immediately speed up the decentralization process of the interest of the government so as to make for greater operational efficiency and commercial profitability of public investment in the telecommunication sector.
The telephone network in the country is not good enough. The UPN is determined to improve the telecommunication system and will ENCOURAGE THE WORKERS who are presently toiling under some of the worst service condition in the country not only in the country, but in the world.

The overriding objective of the party will be to increase radically the quantity and quality of telecommunication services in the country so as to accelerate social, commercial and sundry interaction and interface. The party shall thus provide for an era of greater time for the people, free from the strain of traffic jams and other slow-downs which will not have been the case but for the unavailability of efficient telecommunications services, to do other things that are important in their lives.

The Web: The world has become a global village and any society that does not take advantage of this opportunity will only find itself in the dust heap of history. The UPN government therefore shall do everything in its powers to make the internet service available to the majority of the Nigerian people on the one hand, and necessary infrastructures shall also be put in place to make the people, both old and young digitally literate to take advantage of this growing opportunity.

The leadership of the Unity Party of Nigeria is cognizant of the fact that the future belongs to the digital world and any reluctance on the part of those in authority to take due advantage of this reality is to compound the development crises that has frustrated the fortune of Nigeria and Africa. The Nigerian people and the nation cannot afford the luxury of the unblissful and retarding ignorance.
Postal Services: An immediate solution will be found to the problem of inefficient management of our postal service system. Modern facilities for collecting, sorting, dispatching and distribution of mails will be brought to bear on the operations of this very important social service to ensure that every inhabited area, whether urban or rural, is effectively covered by the postal services.


Railways: Existing plans to rehabilitate and expand the railway system will be reviewed and put into operation. Immediate steps will be taken to replace the present narrow-gauge rails with standard ones. The Railway Corporation will be provided with more modern, more commodious and faster rolling stock while remarkable intervention in the areas of modernization where electric coaches and cars shall be introduced into our rail system.

The resultant transfer of haulage from roads to rail will make for greater and cheaper mobility of goods, and relieve our roads of much of the present heavy duty vehicles, trailers and other road traffics, and thus make the roads safer for lighter and passenger traffic.
Roads: Lack of adequate and effective maintenance is a major factor in the rapidity with which our roads deteriorate and collapse within a very short period of their commissioning. The UPN governments shall ensure the regular maintenance of the road networks within its jurisdiction and areas of operation.

Another factor in this deplorable situation is of course traceable to faulty road design in which provision is often not made for drainage. There is also the indifferent execution of road design by contractors. As regards maintenance, an effective system of road maintenance will be set up in a bid to prolong the lives of existing road.

Needless to say the construction of feeder roads or farmer’s road to aid integrated roads for rural development program will be an important part of the party’s road development program all over the country.
In the final analysis the surest guarantee of success in this sub-sector is the emergence of Nigerians and Nigerian Companies fully capable of designing, building and maintaining the type of roads appropriate for our own geographical and environmental conditions.

The UPN shall spare no effort in creating the conditions for the emergence of such Nigerians or of such Nigerian companies and organizations.
Waterways: The development of efficient waterways is important as a complement to the development of other types of transportation in the country.

To this end, both at national and state levels, systematic program will be developed for the conversion of our larger rivers and coastal lagoons and creek into waterways.

Airways: The priorities of a national airline will be re-visited and reconsidered so that such national carrier may be able to play a more significant role in the process of national integration. In this connection, the development of internal routes linking the major centers of population and commercial activities will be given first order of priority.

Existing airports will be modernized and new ones built in the major center of population to be served by the national airline. As regards the international operations of the national carrier, commercial viability will be the sole criterion for determining the choice of routes. The virtual monopoly enjoyed by some foreign airlines in respect of internal and international air transportation will be reviewed with the aim of encouraging competition by indigenous private or state-owned carriers. Such competition will enhance the quality of service enjoyed by the travelling public. The training and adequate remuneration of air pilot, cabin crew and other support staff will be improved upon within the aviation industry.


Water Supply:
If we are voted to federal power, we shall provide funds for the study of all available water resources in the country. This is with the view to embarking on a nation-wide program of ensuring that every citizen gets clean and adequate water supply.

Besides, the party’s integrated development program lays great emphasis on the improvement of the quality of life in all areas through, among other schemes, the provision of adequate water supply to the citizenry.

Therefore, from whatever angle one may look at it, the fact must remain that water, as an indispensable factor of life will flow everywhere in the federation when the UPN comes to power at the center, or in any state that the party is voted into government.

Between 1979 and 1983, the UPN proved to the people of Nigeria that it could fulfill all its electoral commitments with regards to housing. Reference can be made to the many thousands of dignified and comfortable housing units which have been built for citizen in the five old UPN controlled states.

A UPN federal government will review the land issues across the country including Abuja and environs and come up with sustainable plans, policies and program that will solve the housing challenges of the people.

This will be done with a view to ensuring that the masses of our people also benefit from this aspect of government facilities.

Furthermore, various housing programs will be implemented in such a manner that no citizen will be required to live with his family in one room cubicles. Every effort will be made to provide at least one spacious, comfortable and humane housing unit for every family in Nigeria.


The UPN will do everything within the country’s constitution in order to uphold and reinforce the independence and integrity of the judiciary. Due to the interference by political functionaries, the judiciary has suffered immeasurably in the hands of rogue leaders and the reputation of the sacred temple of arbitration has been seriously violated and impugned upon.
The first and primary concern of the UPN on assumption of office will be the restoration of the dignity and integrity of the justice system through the granting of constitutional autonomy and required empowerment that is needed for the courts to deliver unbiased and objective non-partisan judgments.
Every effort will be made to build more court houses and attract qualified lawyers to the bench in a way to ensure that justice will stand a chance of speedier dispensation, and be within the reach of every citizenry.


This strategic urbanization projects are designed towards the creation of new functional communities with up-to-date facilities like villages, towns and cities across the country in an integrated and wholesome way by attracting the population to development rather than take development to the population which is more cumbersome and financially demanding.

Under this program, all other sectors, areas and industries shall be well considered and taken care of using the simple process of Sector Development Template by:

1. Looking critically at the obtainable situation in the relevant sector while comprehensively assessing it to determine its functionality, serviceability and challenges facing it.
2. Locating the causes of the challenges that are identifiable within sectors and areas and involve relevant communities in determining their needs and the implementation if government programs for their communities.
3. Taking stock of the result and impact on our people, and their welfare across the country or in the respective areas of the sector’s operation.
4. Identifying the perspective of the old UPN with regards to the idea and operation of the sector in question.
5. Defining the emerging expectations and aspirations of our people as they concern and affect the interest and welfare of our people.
6. Designing the modalities, ways and means to resolve the located challenges that are undermining the smooth service delivery of the sector.
7. Determining the human, programmatic and financial resources required for the dynamic and game-changing intervention envisaged by our great party.
8. Closely device the wherewithal of generating social enterprises out of the sector to make way for the commercialization and sustainability of the sector under review.
9. Draw up operational timelines for the successful realization of the vision from the time of taking over power at any level of government in the country so that the expectation of the people can be time-bound while putting the leaders of the party under pressure to deliver good services to the ultimate delight of our people.
10. To conduct regular review of the process for the purpose of increasing productivity and improving service.

Some of these specific areas shall include:

Environmental and Physical Development; Natural Resources (Human, Oil and non-oil); Tourism and Resort; Sports and recreation; Religion and Morality (internal persuasions); Geography and physical properties; Political and social relations; Geography and Physical properties; Tradition and custom; Leadership and governance; The Niger Delta Conundrum; Ethics, religious and social insurgencies; Institutional corruption; The Diaspora anxieties; Tenures of Political Offices; Inflation and Politics of wage increase; Dialogue between revolution and evolution; Constitutional and regional agitation; Poverty and international aids; National Pride and Ethics; The Elite and National agenda; Executive oppression and lawlessness among other issues and concerns.


New State: The UPN uncompromisingly support the creation of new states in so far as the proposed states and communities are viable and they satisfy the relevant parts of the constitution.
The Unity Party of Nigeria is vehemently opposed to the arbitrary endorsement by the national assembly of applications by certain state movements in preference to others.

The UPN is in favor of equal treatment in the national assembly, for all state movements.

Importantly, the UPN is proposing that the federal government should take every possible measure in order to speed up the process of state creation.

The present foot dragging in the national assembly will achieve nothing except to frustrate the minority elements of our country and others whose inalienable right to self-determination is clearly provided in the constitution.

The UPN is of the opinion that these rights must not be trampled upon.

Corruption: Nigeria is known at home and abroad as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Nigeria is known as one country that has failed not for lack of resources, adequate manpower, and required demographic dividend, but for its culture of corruption that has arisen from lack of good leadership in public office including the executive, legislature and the judiciary.

UPN is committed to transforming the political culture of the country and growing new crop of leaders with above-average public and personal morality. To this end, the party will embark on the following:

• Strengthen existing anti-corruption institutions by providing special support for speedy investigation and prosecution.
• Support collaboration between Federal Department of Investigation and other anti-corruption agencies to participate in anti-corruption activities in all states and local governments.
• Establish special courts to handle cases of corruption.
• Prevent individuals with dubious character and questionable integrity from qualifying to run for offices in our party in the three tiers of government under the banner of our party.
• Strengthen electoral laws to ensure free and fair elections in all tiers of government.
• Adhere strictly to the ethics required of public officials as enshrined in the constitution and other statute books.

Cultural Agenda: Culture is an indispensable aspect of political and economic development. In federal multiethnic and multi-religious societies, governments at federal, state, and local levels must have a cultural policy that is capable of enhancing the unity of people of diverse cultures while respecting the autonomy of each culture. Examples of government sensitivity to cultural diversity abound in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Ethiopia, and in today’s largest federal multiethnic system, the European Union.

The UPN will develop policies that will remove inter-ethnic fear and suspicion and replace this with inter-ethnic cooperation and tolerance.

While adopting the UN’s charter on minority rights, the UPN will embark on the following programs:

Strengthen the national language commission to support the development of all indigenous languages, apart from the existing national languages: Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, by providing matching funds for states to provide leadership in promotion of their indigenous languages.

Support establishment in each state of National Heritage Sites. Each state must have at least one of such sites to serve as cultural areas to attract national and international tourists and to enhance national unity.

Create multiethnic museum in each state to provide accessible reference point on the country’s cultural diversity.
Enforce through the constitution, the secularity of the Nigerian State, as a means of freeing the nation from inter-religious tension while promoting its diverse religious heritage.

Establish through legislation and law enforcement, zero tolerance for all forms of ethnic or religious terrorism and violence.

Protect the integrity of traditional institutions by supporting states to determine ways of integrating traditional rulers into their governments.

Local Government: Local government is the administration which is nearest to the people. Therefore it shall be policy of the UPN to create more local government and give to local government enough resources and independence so as to enhance their efficiency and utility. The UPN shall propose a reform in the creation and administration of local government system in a manner that is justifiable taking into consideration geographical features, viability, ability to tap and generate resources, population, contiguity, equity, fairness and autonomy.

Press Freedom: The UPN will continue to recognize the press as the ‘fourth estate of the realm’ and give teeth to the Freedom of Information Bill.
To this end, the freedom of the press shall be stoutly defended by the party. The party on getting to power shall for this purpose repeal and make redundant all legislations which tend to gag the press.

Furthermore, we shall introduce enactment which will make it unlawful for the police and other national security agencies to arbitrarily raid media houses and institutions, and harass journalist on charges connected with their professional duties and obligations.

External Affairs: The UPN will pursue most vigorously all political, economic and social programs which in relation to rest of the World, are calculated to be in Nigeria’s national interest and the stability of the World at large. The UPN will embark on dynamic international policy which shall promote the greatness and glory of West Africa, and the World at large.

A UPN federal government will continue to give support to the United Nations and to other relevant regional, sub-regional, specialized and peripheral organizations whose activities are directly or indirectly incidental to the realization of the agenda of a greater and more prosperous nation in a more peaceful and stable World.

We shall continue to maintain friendly relations with all countries and refrain from acts likely to undermine our policy of non-alignment.


All these, the Unity Party of Nigeria shall strive to do and achieve to the glory of God and to the delight of humankind through the irreversible commitment of its entire leadership and membership.