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Thursday, 23 Oct 2014


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Some of the biggest social challenges for Nigeria as a developing nation are those of Leadership and Drive.  Many of the nation’s otherwise good people have simply lost the courage to come out and engage in honest public service in the face of daunting societal problems.  

However, I’m a firm believer that my life’s experience, career opportunity, and most importantly, personal drive, have not only prepared me to offer effective leadership that is currently in high demand, but in short supply in Nigeria’s national political stage, but have equally sustained my courage and resolve to remain focused on bringing about transformational change in Nigeria.  The drive and the courage to lead are the essential personality traits or ingredients that form the building blocks of who I am. 

And it’s the same drive and courage that lead me to enlist in the service of the United States Navy at an older age of nearly 34; when most people at such age would not dare.  In my active duty time in the United States naval service on assignments with various Fleet Marine Force (FMF) units, I learned the honorable virtues of integrity, honor, courage, and commitment, even in the face of unbelievable odds. 

These same virtues derived from my career experience and opportunity have rightly equipped and prepared me to lead with the courage needed in Nigeria’s national life today.These are the qualities which I’ll take with me to the Nigeria National Assembly, as the Federal Legislator for the Remo Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives!