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Why I Want To Serve Abimbola for House of Rep.

  • I Am Ayo Abimbola And I …
  • Time To Serve Our People
  • Leadership. Courage. Driv…
  • Support First. Service Se…
  • Service Is An Honor
  • I Will Serve With Honor

I Am Ayo Abimbola And I Welcome You

Why I Ask To Serve: Honour. Passion. Integrity. Knowledge. Vision. Trust

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Time To Serve Our People

It is time for credible candidates take the place of corrupt politicians and harness our resources for the benefit of our suffering masses. It is time for change.

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Leadership. Courage. Drive

It seems the biggest challenge for our developing nation is leadership and drive - courage in the face of daunting problems. Experience and opportunity have prepared me to lead with courage.

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Support First. Service Second

I need your support to repesent the Ogun State Federal Consituency at the House of Representatives. Once you do your part, I can do mine - I can serve you

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Service Is An Honor

Many don't realize service is a sacred duty. It is the highest form of honour when people ask one of many to serve them. To me, public service is the highest human calling.

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I Will Serve With Honor

As I ask for your support, I make this pledge to my consituents and all of Nigeria: I will serve truthfully and honestly.

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Thursday, 23 Oct 2014

Why I'm Running

Good People Must Step In

For far too long, decent, skilled and honest people have stayed away from public service. The fear has always been the...

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Why NCP?

My Political Journey To The NCP

Friends, I have decided to give an account of my political journey so far because I need you to understand the...

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Election News

Help To Fund The Change You Want

Campaign Updates | Administrator | Saturday, 05 March 2011 | Hits:2618

Henry Ayo Abimbola has taken a difficult but important decision to return to Nigeria to contest in election into the Federal House of Representatives out of a burning passion to bring social change to Nigeria.  It is... Read more

NCP Campaign Poster Released

Campaign Updates | Administrator | Friday, 04 March 2011 | Hits:1667

The official NCP campaign  poster for the Ayo Abimbola campaign for the House of Representatives, Remo Federal Constituency of Ogun State, has been released. Titled, "Ayo Ni O, Dede Remo," the punch, crisp posters are now flooding... Read more

‘I’ll be a voice to all Remo people’

Campaign News | Administrator | Tuesday, 19 October 2010 | Hits:1781

AN aspirant for the Federal House of Representatives in the forthcoming elections, Mr. Ayo Abimbola, has promised to represent his people adequately in the National Assembly. The aspirant, who is seeking to represent Remo Federal Constituency, also promised... Read more

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